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Brian Hughes is the President of Defenders of Freedom KC.

After serving 23 years in the US Army as an Infantryman/Ranger, my family and I decided to settle in the Kansas City area to raise our two boys.  Soon after retiring from the military, I felt like I had become “disconnected” from the military community that I had been a part of for so many years.  I also quickly became aware of the deficiencies that exist for Veterans seeking quality TBI and PTSD treatment, as well as treatment for other issues that many Veterans struggle with after service.  I was inspired by the work that long-time friend and fellow Veteran, Jamie Wells, was doing in FL with his Defenders of Freedom Chapter.  He introduced me to Donna Cranston, the founder of Defenders of Freedom, and I realized this was an excellent avenue to give back to those who served, help fellow Veterans, and keep the Veteran community connected.  I decided to start a Defenders of Freedom chapter in the Kansas City area to help expand the sphere of impact for this amazing organization.